Cribs in Bad Münstereifel

In Bad Münstereifel is during the advent time a crib presentation. I was asked to participate as the artist I am. So, I did it. I thought how Maria and Joseph would be today. Being very poor perhaps they would be on dole today and would get the official support money, we in Germany call “Hartz 4”. And I made them members of one of the poorest peoples we have, I made them a desperate artist couple and made a crisis crib, because artists always have crisis! He looks at the blank canvas and Maria looks out of the window searching for a solution out of their situation. They’ve got no house, they had to settle in an old night console I had in the cellar.  On the roof the washing is drying and in the cellar are staples of unsold paintings.

This crib is living and will survive a lot of changes in the next weeks.

For a fashion shop I designed a teenager crib (Maria and Joseph were very young) and a migration crib (they were strangers too) Pictures will follow in the next days, be prepared


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