2011 The exhibition in Bristol

This is your “Rude Erotic Art” Private View

For everybody, who can’t be in Bristol (like myself) I show the new and old works I show in the “Rude Erotic Art” Exhibition in the Bristol Gallery. For the first time I exhibit with Schiele and Bellmer – in this company I had to produce a few new things

These are my new paintings, different techniques, all in size 60 x 80 cm

Als Amor ging

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I created a series of midget etchings, all in 69er edition and in a size you don’t need to take them from the wall when your mother-in-law visits you

Animalische Absichten

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I was glad to show a few old etchings nobody has seen for decades

Angenehme Ausritte anzüglicher Art

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  1. Also bitte, I don’t like the CAPTCHA code, having failed twice to send my message. I eventually got to see your show at the Bristol Gallery and enjoyed it. It was in good company and I enjoyed your new work, as well as your earlier etchings – quite different in style and subject matter to myour current work. The Bristol Gallery, where I first saw your work, is increasingly likeable and I hope you’ll show there again. Possibly I’ll see it in Bad Muenstereifel before then!

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