Call me mad, you’re right! Only just a week that the puppy left and I have already the next ward: a blind, diabetic poodle with Mamma tumor that ran through Schleiden. If you meet me you better claim being healthy or I grab and rescue you. Daily Painting about saving craze

besser erstmal alles retten anstatt nichts

better save everything than nothing, watercolour with charcoal and ink, 24 x 17 cm

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At the moment my life is too exciting for me. I have difficulties finding my sleep. I lie in the night, blinded by the happenings of the day, eyes wide open and try not to forget something. But the good thing is: I’m too tired to freak out during the days. Daily Painting about night and day

Gezeitenjoch - Erst der Morgen, dann die Nacht, oder umgekehrt

Tidal yoke – first the morning, then the night or vice versa, inkpen on watercolour, 24 x 17 cm

My condolence to the parents and friends of the victims of the deadly panic at the loveparade. My best wishes to the injured people. Unbelievable. Horrible. And astonishing how quick the press turned their headlines from „praise the party“ to „hang the guilty“! They initiated the hype too! And now they make money showing pictures of the dead. Daily Painting about media


Media swamp, watercolour and ink, 22 x 14,3 cm

Sold - Sorry, but you're to late