I should have known … 1st potential owners for the puppy I take care for and I bought the wrong food. You can’t imagine the caustic gases this little dog farts. Would it be conspicuous when they visit her and I pull gas masks on them? Daily Painting about air

Ich bin die Gefangene meiner Winde

I’m the prisoner of my gases, watercolour on drawing and adhesive tape, 19 x 23 cm

Today I’m in the academy. 70th birthday of my colleague Otmar Alt. Speeches and honours. But I’m glad, that I will see the whole pack of artists working there and have a real good time with them. For me art is the only way to live and I enjoy this madness every single day. Daily Painting about madness

Danke, daß ich einfach wahnsinnig sein darf - jeden Tag

Thanks, that I may be mad – every day, watercolour,  24 x 23,5 cm

Today I was so confused for vanity about the huge print that I was totally unable to work. So I pickled mushrooms, polished the copper pans and stumbled daftly through the house. But now I think I should pull myself together and don’t lose sight of the aim. Whatever this could be, at the moment I can’t remember. Daily Painting about sight

Wer nicht auf den Kopf gefallen ist, sollte das Ziel vor den Augen haben

Who is nobody’s fool, should keep the aim in sight, watercolour, 19 x 16,5 cm

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