This was a wonderful day in my studio. Since a few weeks I work on a project about the german painter Schirmer and today I finished two more paintings. Now I’m peaceful and exhausted. Going to have a shower. Daily Painting about having a bath in colours

Finally a bath in colours, plaster on watercolour, 3 charcoal strokes and notebook, 30 x 21 cm

Sorry for being late, but we founded the local Culture Circle. Sessions are once a month and we will drink and talk about sex. First Meeting was today. The Daily Painting is about a relevant theme

Shagging with the sheik in the five o’clock shadow, charcoal, coloured, 30 x 21 cm

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Started a new work group of oil paintings. In pauses I fought w/ R car dealer who tried 2 betray us. Hooray! Victory! And the winner is: Me! And to celebrate the creativity and the good ideas we all need so much, the daily painting is about inspiration


‘ Washed Drawing about the blessed inspiration’ – washed ink & charcoal, 30 x 21 cm