Today I visited friends who were on a holiday trip to Rome. But because of storms their flight was cancelled and they had to return from the airport. I wanted to soothe them, but there was no need: they definitely preferred it to a crash over the Alps. Daily Painting about fear of flying

Aus heiterem Himmel bricht die Angst vorm Fliegen - im Traum wars schön, ich war die Herrin über alle Lüfte

Out of the blue comes the fear of flying – in my dreams it was nice, I was the mistress of all airs, watercolour on plaster, 22 x 25 cm

Often in my life I made the experience that it isn’t always time to fight. It isn’t always time to party. And it isn’t always time to sqeal. But there should be always enough time to set your soul on a journey through the depths of your soul and get it back fresh and clean. Daily Painting about melancholy

Von den unendlichen Selbstheilungskräften der Melancholie

About the infinite self-healing power of melancholy, acrylic and ink with plaster and inkpen, 32 x 24 cm

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This was a wonderful day in my studio. Since a few weeks I work on a project about the german painter Schirmer and today I finished two more paintings. Now I’m peaceful and exhausted. Going to have a shower. Daily Painting about having a bath in colours

Finally a bath in colours, plaster on watercolour, 3 charcoal strokes and notebook, 30 x 21 cm