I should have known … 1st potential owners for the puppy I take care for and I bought the wrong food. You can’t imagine the caustic gases this little dog farts. Would it be conspicuous when they visit her and I pull gas masks on them? Daily Painting about air

Ich bin die Gefangene meiner Winde

I’m the prisoner of my gases, watercolour on drawing and adhesive tape, 19 x 23 cm

Today you could see me in wild acrobatic wrenches preparing the studio window of my house as a little personal display. A hard job, because I had blocked the sight before. But now it’s done and I think it was worth the effort. If you are around, come and have a look! Daily Painting about decoration

Ich bin der Widerhall aus meiner Hoffnung Last

I’m the echo of my hopes burden, washed ink with pencil, 29,6 x 20,9 cm

Sold - Sorry, but you're to late

A bit tired today. One of the dogs is ill and kept me awake all night long. So I tried to have a quiet day with just a little bit of recreative drawing. But each time I got myself to work, the life in all its colours came and had its own plans. Daily Painting about coloured drawings

Wenn die Zeichnung auf ein pralles Leben trifft

When the drawing meets the life in all its colours, ink, washed, 22,3 x 25 cm