Today I was so confused for vanity about the huge print that I was totally unable to work. So I pickled mushrooms, polished the copper pans and stumbled daftly through the house. But now I think I should pull myself together and don’t lose sight of the aim. Whatever this could be, at the moment I can’t remember. Daily Painting about sight

Wer nicht auf den Kopf gefallen ist, sollte das Ziel vor den Augen haben

Who is nobody’s fool, should keep the aim in sight, watercolour, 19 x 16,5 cm

Sold - Sorry, but you're to late

Today you could see me in wild acrobatic wrenches preparing the studio window of my house as a little personal display. A hard job, because I had blocked the sight before. But now it’s done and I think it was worth the effort. If you are around, come and have a look! Daily Painting about decoration

Ich bin der Widerhall aus meiner Hoffnung Last

I’m the echo of my hopes burden, washed ink with pencil, 29,6 x 20,9 cm

Sold - Sorry, but you're to late

New colours came today. I unpacked them and watched the pouring rain, as suddenly the dogs went berserk and I heard a heavy gasping. And when I looked I saw 20 firefighters in gas masks running through the rain. Oh, I’ll get evacuated, I said and they yelled back, yes, quick, come with us! Daily Painting about emergency response drill.

Aufkommende Hektik

Upcoming hecticness, watercolour with drawing ink, 24 x 32 cm

Is it an accident that the german government announced these unsocial cost cuts a few days before the beginning of the football world cup? Is it an accident that they call it „package“ as if it was a present? Or am I a mean old witch assuming the worst from everybody? Daily Painting about panem et circenses

Brot und Spiele

Bread and circuses, watercolour, 14,9 x 10,4 cm