I’m not mad about football, but in each world cup Germany and England play against each other.and now it’s happening. I hate it. I can’t decide which team I support. But at least in the end I’m happy – my team wins. And for sure – I cry with the losers. Daily Painting about indecision

Hearing my football game on my radio in my garden

Hearing my football game on my radio in my garden, pencil and coloured pencil on old paper, 32 x 24 cm

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Mother’s Day in Germany. The Flower shops are happy. Why do my thoughts go to Max Ernst’s „The Blessed Virgin Chastising the Infant Jesus“? Since I was a child it’s one of my favourites, because it casts such a special light on Mother-Child-relationship. Daily Painting about the Legacy of misunderstandings

Vermächtnis von Mißverständnissen

Legacy of misunderstandings, coloured pencil on watercolour, 29,5 x 20,5 cm

Today I saw the first mark of the coming winter: a woman in fur! I knew her, but I couldn’t embrace her, so I told her a little bit about the death of a fur animal. Daily Painting is about dead cats on limp breasts

Pussycats, resting on mean limp breasts, Coloured Pencil, 30 x 21 cm

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This was a holiday-day. I went on exhibitions, one in an stone-age cave, on markets and looked for the bright side. Daily Painting is about having a fun day playing with the colours

Colour string puppet master, watercolour, coloured pencil and ink, 30 x 22,2 cm

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Remember my amazone sword two days ago? Today I got the message that I can put it back in the sheath, success all along the line. Daily Painting is about taking care for others

Seeking shelter, Coloured pencil, 29,7 x 21 cm

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