Yesterday I made my 800th posting. You remember I thought about taking it a little bit more easily, but I tell you, it’s difficult to stop. I really got addicted to it. But I think I gave you so many colours that you perhaps can stand the one or the other day without new painting. Daily Painting about fools

Ich habe mich solange zum Narren gemacht, bis die ganze Umgebung farbig war

I made so long a fool out of myself until my whole environment was coloured, watercolour and coloured pencil, 25 x 25 cm

In this time I’m a little bit afraid of the cold days to come. I’m sure that some of the tourists passing my little studio will use the winter cold to promenade with their fur coats. Horrible! Don’t they realize that they all look like living tea cosies? Daily Painting about fur

Der einzige, dem Pelz wirklich gut steht

The only one, fur really suits, sepia ink drawing with feather on watercolour, 17 x 12 cm