The performances

Since 1976 performances are an integer part of the artistic oeuvre of Maf Räderscheidt. At the first exhibition she opened with a living artwork. Here a few examples of some exciting events:


Bei lebendigem Leibe (Beaten alive)

Performance from and with Hinrich Sickenberger about violence against homosexuals

Frau Holle (Mother Holle)

Performance during the first Female Culture Week “Der uferlose Weg” (The shoreless road), Cologne 1983

A performance about old matriarchal rites and the modern role of the women in the society

Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge (Little Snow-White and the seven dwarfs)

Galerie Gilles, Düsseldorf 1985

Maf Räderscheidt in the vitreous casket drills herself out of the Plexiglas, whereas the dwarfs hold speeches and the water from the melting ice runs in the electricity installation. Luckily the sixth dwarf is drunk, falls from the ladder in the casket and saves unwittingly the life of the artist, even though the performance takes a unplanned, but spectacular end with a jump from a trapeze in the arms of a stable woman.

Das Thema ist Freiheit (The subject is freedom)

Haus Feldmaus, Olzheim, 1994

With Stephan Everling on gender roles and overcoming frontiers

Bilder ungezähmter Schatten (Paintings of untamed shadows)

Wehrturm Köln-Zündorf, 1995

After breaking through a painted checkerboard, Maf Räderscheidt destroys, dancing to improvised music of Stephan Everling, a painted castle, using her owns hairs as brush. About freedom and frontiers. Ruining the exhibition room for ever.

Gegenströme (Countercurrents)

Belkaw, Bergisch-Gladbach, 1995

The musicians Dorothée Hahne und Stephan Everling dance through pictures, Maf Räderscheidt creates according to the music on the floor.

Von Zwergen, Stockenten und anderen großen Geschichten (About dwarfs, mallard ducks and other big stories)

Much, 1995

Following the music of Stephan Everling, Maf Räderscheidt colours a white landscape and awakes the drummer Matthias Schachl, who starts drumming on all the painted issues.

(Mother Holle)