The etchings

1976, nearly simultanously with her masters degree at the Werkschulen of Cologne, Maf Räderscheidt showed her small format etchings for the first timeat the Gallery Wiegand, Cologne. The editions were a great success and now she produced countless editions, books and maps, most of them out of stock today.

1980 the intent of the artist in other techniques grew and she designed fewer plates without leaving the etchings totally.

'Angenehme Ausritte anzüglicher Art', Radierung, gedruckt auf Hahnemühle-Bütten und Blattgold, 1976‘Angenehme Ausritte anzüglicher Art’,
(enjoyable rides of the insinuating kind), etching,
printed on Hahnemühle handmade paper and goldleaf, 1976


Die Gottesanbeterin, Radierung, 1980

“Die Gottesanbeterin” (The mantis), etching, 1980


Die Zeit der Kirschen, Radierung, 1997

“Die Zeit der Kirschen” (The times of cherrys),
according to an old song from the French Revolution and
the restaurant of the same title in Cologne, etching, 1997