Lady of the etchings

Lady of the etchings

2004 Maf Räderscheidt decided to cap off her work as a graphic artist by creating one of the biggest etchings of the world. Being known for tiny and midget graphics she found that was the right idea to contradict her own clichee. The printing plate was 2m x 1m and was the biggest that was delivered in copper. The work took place in 2004, partly in the classical etching technique, partly as copper engraving and ended with the final etching of the plate.

For many reasons the plate never was printed, but was stored in the workshop of the printer Martin Kätelhön. Now, in the summer 2010 he decided to complete the project and to realise the print. On a paper of 116 x 218 cm he printed the graphic “Flashes that I created” (2004/2010, signed and titled in the plate)


  1. Ich staune! Ein Gesamteindruck kann sich in der Darstellung im Web nicht richtig entfalten, die Detailansichten haben es aber schon in sich. Ich denke das ist ein Werk vor dem ich lange stehen bleiben würde. Auch ohne den Titel hatte ich in der Gesamtansicht die Assoziation eines Sturmes, die Details scheinen weisen aber auch in eine andere Richtung … es gibt Werke, die müsste man real anschauen.

  2. It’s right, Aebby, what you and others on Twitter said: it has to be seen in real. That’s the reason why I hung it instantly up on the wall without frame and anything. It’s a lifetime’s experience and story and it’s fascinating to see what I already knew 6 years ago. It’s like a series of Daily Paintings melted in a huge artwork .

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