And this is my newest project: the CULTURE SHOCK

In the center of the little town Schleiden in the Northern Eifel you find the Culture Shock: 700 sqm art. My art, by Maf Räderscheidt

The Culture Shock is supposed to be: an exhibition hall, where I show my artwork, that is changing permanently – a Living Art Room

Art Factory, where my students and I get art to life


Meeting point for art afficionados

And every day, there is something new to see, to gasp and to laugh

Open is on every Monday from 14 to 18 h – or when I’m in.

Have a look on the first photos

In the big mirror hall the figures gathered, I made for an exhibition in Siegburg at the witches’ tower. In the lower right you see the painting I made 2002 in the Anatomic Institute in Cologne. You can take a walk on it on the security glasses.

Meeting old friends …

Take a walk on the big In-Situ-Painting, 4 x 5 metres

The figures dance in front of the mirror. Now you can see the painted backsides.

The entree says hello to me on every morning.

Now I can show my environment “Moon-Moon”, I made for Calgary

Or the “Rosa Winkel” from the environment in the Simultanhalle in Cologne

In every corner I build a surprise

And now that you can find me

I show you the way!

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