Sound and Smoke

Sound and Smoke
In the beginning there is the silence, the area of fog. An invitation to give the viewers space and time for their own entrance. My intentions, which should not play a role in this, are only available in the lateral settings. Similar to the dancers who warm up for their performance but are not yet in turn and wait impatiently until the set is ready for them.
Then the fog comes in that makes us too blind: consume, success, fame, beauty, recognition – the curtains of vanity, so indescribably void. We have nothing, we will keep nothing, so what else of life’s effort? What remains is the smile, the loving, the protected that still exists for a while when we already turn away. Each hand reaches out to another, each non-pushed hand can kick out and grow.
The layers, similar to the structure of Renaissance paintings, do not allow any colour perspective, they insist on being seen when shattered buildings become castles, because we cultivate them with content and affection.
We possess the rich treasure of a sea of forgetfulness to recover things or thoughts, cultures or memories and to revive them by making them visible, to protect them from their own stupidity.
The picture was taken in my head, like any other, lurking there to be painted. The thoughts came while looking at pictures in the DRK museum in Vogelsang, whose message touched me: With the joy of togetherness it is easier to ease, to look at the world and, in the end, this energy does not fade into sound and smoke. In the community’s refineries more scents than smoke are created, more cloud images than smog, a life plan of spiritual lust is formed, yes, there is one!

Schall und Rauch

Sound and Smoke

Oil on canvas 

200 x 140 cm

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