Kisses of colours


Nobody has ever written about painting in this way before.

Many words are lost every day about painting and the fine arts, but what really happens when painters dip their brushes into the paint behind the closed studio door remains unsaid. In her novel “The Kisses of Colours”, Maf Räderscheidt, painter, draughtswoman, graphic artist and performer, solves the mystery of what goes on inside a painter when he is at work.

For meanwhile 50 years, Maf Räderscheidt has been a fixture in the German art scene. A master student at the Cologne Werkschulen, she impressed with small-format etchings in the 1970s, then devoted herself to charcoal drawings, video art and installations, before finally concentrating mainly on oil painting and watercolour today. For many years, she has been posting a picture a day on the internet and spreading it on social networks – her share in the “social sculpture” of modern, digital society. In 2018, she received the Horst Konejung Prize, which, in addition to her rich oeuvre, also recognised her political and social commitment.

In “The Kisses of Colours”, Räderscheidt describes a day in her studio in the Eifel in a language that is as multifaceted as it is inventive. She explicitly describes the challenge that a large canvas poses to her skills, she describes the craft. And she also speaks about the history of art, which always finds its way into her thinking. The experienced painter gives the reader an insight into her world of thoughts, into her passion and determination, but also into her fears and defeats. Maf Räderscheidt paints with words as well as with brushes. Her vivid descriptions of the act of painting are captivating. 

When the painter ends her literary day, one painting will have been started, a second finished, a watercolour made and an exhibition opened. For the artist, a normal day. For the reader, an excursion into an unknown world, into a dimension of creating and creating that usually remains closed to him. “The Art of Kissing” unravels a corner of the mystery that lies over the creation of fine art.

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