Walking Birds


Who would have thought: hiking is the new trend sport! In our highly technical times, to lace up our hiking boots and to go out into the open air on shoemaker’s centime is more topical than ever. This makes hiking the high school of personalized deceleration. Everyone chooses his or her own tempo, yes, each becomes his or her own tempo. The Eifel is a hiking area par excellence. Here, where the Eifelverein maintains a dense network of well-signposted paths, modern hikers of the digital age have also found their way with GPS and trekking shoes.

“Wandervögel” is a cheerful homage to nature, nature lovers and exercise in the fresh air. In a unique combination of landscape photos, illustrations and witty phrases, Maf Räderscheidt and Stephan Everling have given free rein to their imagination and show the Eifel and its lovers as you have never seen them before.

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Der Fuß, der schmerzt, die Beine beben, steig empor und lass Dich schweben
Wandervogel freut sich immer, wird das Wetter nicht mehr schlimmer, Wandervogel freut sich weiter, wird das Wetter wieder heiter
In den Borstgraswiesen gebe acht, Fuchs und Hase, Gute Nacht!

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