Eifel for beginners


Eifel is a question of position. A cosmos in its own right, with completely different rules from the inside than from the outside. Those who are not familiar with the sometimes bizarre peculiarities of the people between Aachen and Koblenz, between Cologne and Trier, rob themselves of the true Eifel pleasure.

With a delicate brush stroke and pointed pen, MAF Räderscheidt and Stephan Everling approach the people in their adopted country, clear up prejudices and reveal what constitutes the Eifeler. A signpost for the first contact and a declaration of love to Germany’s Wild West.

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  1. Liebe Maf Räderscheidt,
    ich habe versucht das Buch Eifel für Einsteiger bei meinem Buchhändler zu bestellen, was aber nicht möglich ist. Kann ich das Buch noch irgendwo kaufen?
    Ich freue mich auf eine Antwort.
    Viele Grüße!

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