Midnight’s Mosaic


What does a monstrous, fat detective, drunk and premenstrual, have to do with a woman couple from the Marienburger Schickeria? Does she combine the love for a sluggish, sleepy dog or the search for a lazy man? Why don’t the shoes say what they want, how do you cheer up a depressive radio astronomer in the zone of gender imponderables, where can you hide Rottweiler, and how do you get to long-sold out carnival sessions?

It’s a good thing that a trip to Düsseldorf and a less gifted pantomime doesn’t leave any questions unanswered, because in the end it’s probably only certain that Maria Petronella will be against it, but that’s not surprising either. On the palette of subculture between the art scene and the animal shelter, the actors meet for a fabulous showdown at the Rosa Session.

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