Kisses of colours

Umschlag_DieKuesseDerFarbenThe magic of painting is endlessly fascinating
The artists unleash and direct the magic, the brush as a magic wand, their pigments as a magic powder.
Maf Räderscheidt, a painter, has tasted and learned to love the smell of oil paints since childhood. In “The Kisses of Colours” she invites the reader into her workshop and shows what really matters in the studio – the uninhibited dedication to art.

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Wandervoegel_TitelWho would have thought: hiking is the new trend sport! In our highly technical times, to lace up our hiking boots and to go out into the open air on shoemaker’s centime is more topical than ever. This makes hiking the high school of personalized deceleration. Everyone chooses his or her own tempo, yes, each becomes his or her own tempo. The Eifel is a hiking area par excellence. Here, where the Eifelverein maintains a dense network of well-signposted paths, modern hikers of the digital age have also found their way with GPS and trekking shoes.

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My country Rhineland

CVR-0915-RheinlandA real Rhinelander can be recognized immediately by his unmistakable lingual impact. But what do you really know about him? What are the secret rituals and rules on the banks of the ancient German river? The successful artist MAF Räderscheidt and the well-known crime novelist Stephan Everling use about 120 watercolours and lyrics to create their very own picture of the Rhineland and the people between Mainz and Worringen, Aachen and Cologne, which always focuses on the river.

Sauerland, you beautiful one

51o8wPhd0AL._SY333_BO1,204,203,200_The successful artist MAF Räderscheidt and the well-known crime novelist Stephan Everling make a personal declaration of love to the Sauerland and the Sauerland region with about 120 watercolours and hidden texts. They tell of gunner’s and topping-out ceremonies, unshakeable tranquillity and a unique talent for improvisation, lived tradition and a great openness to new things and visitors. The unique interplay of the sometimes delicate, sometimes colourful, sometimes idyllic and sometimes drastic watercolours by MAF Räderscheidt with the pointed and entertaining texts by Stephan Everling captures the fascination of the Sauerland in their entire range: an ideal gift for all those who love the Sauerland.

Eifel for beginners


Eifel is a question of position. A cosmos in its own right, with completely different rules from the inside than from the outside. Those who are not familiar with the sometimes bizarre peculiarities of the people between Aachen and Koblenz, between Cologne and Trier, rob themselves of the true Eifel pleasure.

With a delicate brush stroke and pointed pen, MAF Räderscheidt and Stephan Everling approach the people in their adopted country, clear up prejudices and reveal what constitutes the Eifeler. A signpost for the first contact and a declaration of love to Germany’s Wild West.

Midnight’s Mosaic


What does a monstrous, fat detective, drunk and premenstrual, have to do with a woman couple from the Marienburger Schickeria? Does she combine the love for a sluggish, sleepy dog or the search for a lazy man? Why don’t the shoes say what they want, how do you cheer up a depressive radio astronomer in the zone of gender imponderables, where can you hide Rottweiler, and how do you get to long-sold out carnival sessions?

It’s a good thing that a trip to Düsseldorf and a less gifted pantomime doesn’t leave any questions unanswered, because in the end it’s probably only certain that Maria Petronella will be against it, but that’s not surprising either. On the palette of subculture between the art scene and the animal shelter, the actors meet for a fabulous showdown at the Rosa Session.