Today is mutton feast, although I don’t really believe, that there’s this much to celebrate for the mutton. Rituals in which others come to harm, are not really my thing, whether it is the sacrificing of virgins or the so popular roast suckling pig. When it comes to traditions, I clearly prefer the folding chains of flowers, throwing sugar almonds or pushing gifts into shoes. Daily Painting about festivals.

The sheep that came out of the dreams, watercolor, 24 x 12.8 cm

Animal Protection dreams of a city girl had lured me into the wonderful landscape at the national park. The nature however maintains its own rules and educates me of humility. Only it seems strange to me, that’s where most of the animals live, hardly anyone cares about their needs. Maybe they believe that there is enough of them Daily Painting about local mischief.

The farm of our dreams, ink, watercolor, 10.8 x 22.5 cm